Three Tornados touch down in Central Virginia, leaving damage behind

Published: Jun. 17, 2022 at 10:44 PM EDT
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LOUISA CO. Va. (WVIR) - The National Weather Service confirms three tornadoes touched down in central Virginia Thursday. One was near Louisa and two more formed over northern Fluvanna County then traveled into Goochland County.

In places across Louisa county, the storm knocked over basketball hoops and sent trash cans flying down the road. At Louisa County High School, it toppled a set of bleaches at the baseball field.

“We had four supercell thunderstorms that merged into one huge complex of storms that was rotating as it came out of Orange County, Louisa and Fluvanna and it produced a couple of funnel clouds,” NBC 29′s Meteorologist Josh Fitzpatrick said.

The town of Louisa reported no injuries from the storm.

“I was a little surprised with the lack of damage, especially in Louisa, Orange Counties and Fluvanna. Just due to the fact that we had that 103 mile an hour wind gusts at least on radar,” Fitzpatrick said.

People like Donna Huffman are cleaning up what the storm damaged. She was at home in Mineral when the storm hit

“It just came on all of a sudden. The winds were horrific. Trees were shaken and then hail I’d say as big as a half dollar and it was just pounding on the roof and I wasn’t sure what was going to end up happening. But fortunately, everything was fine,” Huffman said.

While Huffman’s home did not suffer any serious damage, she still spent the morning cleaning up sticks and other debris.

“Just picking up what I can, big sticks, and then I went ahead and mowed. So yeah, it’s been an all day process,” Huffman said.

This is one of the many storms that has moved through Central Virginia so far this year.

“To put this spring into perspective, and now almost early summer, in my almost five years here at NBC 29, this has been the most active severe weather time that we’ve had,” Fitzpatrick said.

Powerful storms like these are more common in the late spring and early summer so the National Weather Service advises people to have an emergency plan in place.

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