BUCK Squad and Charlottesville businesses team up to prevent violence

Published: May. 26, 2022 at 4:28 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - BUCK Squad, a Charlottesville-area nonprofit, is calling on support to stop gun violence at school and home.

Now, Charlottesville businesses are in on the action to stop violence before it happens.

“The incidents that happen in Buffalo and Texas, this is all one problem. It’s a gun problems. It’s gun violence. In our community, we have been affected by this continuously. It hasn’t stopped, it’s been a continuous thing, and that’s why we’re here, because we understand it. We were once a product of it,” BUCK Squad member Bryan Page said.

BUCK Squad is stepping in, helping spot the signs of distress and gang activity before people get hurt.

“They’re shooting in Fry’s Spring, they’re shooting on [Route 29]. Nobody is excluded from where gun violence can be, and bullets don’t have no names,” Executive Director Herbert Dickerson said.

Since it started a little more than a year ago, the rate of shootings in what BUCK Squad considers the city’s high-risk areas has been cut in half.

Dickerson says the nonprofit needs more funding from Charlottesville keep the momentum.

“They gave us $50,000 last year, but we haven’t heard anything back from them and this is the community that they govern, so you’d think be on top of something like this. Like we keep saying, ‘It’s coming. The violence is coming.’ As soon as summer days hit, kids get out of school, nothing to do, so what did you do?” Dickerson said.

Darling x Dashing Boutique on the Downtown Mall is trying to help: The clothing store is fundraising for the nonprofit until the end of June. Dogwood Refillery and several other organizations in the area have given money to support the cause.

“It’s in the news every day, and it’s heart breaking. So being able to give back to an organization that’s trying to make an impact in our community is really awesome and really important,” owner Linnea Revak said.

On June 3, BUCK Squad will be holding a rally for National Gun Violence Awareness Day. The boutique will be holding a virtual auction from June 1-8 to raise money for the squad.

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