Puppy survives crash in Albemarle Co., reunited with owner

Published: May. 16, 2022 at 5:00 PM EDT
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ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - A puppy is safe and sound with its owner after it went missing during a car accident in Albemarle County.

“We arrived on scene to find a Jeep in the middle of the road that had gone off the road, ran into a ditch, and bounced back into the road,” Crozet Volunteer Fire Department Chief Will Schmertzler said.

Melanie Zoell, her husband, and new puppy Maive were in the car.

“I woke up on the side of the road and I went to feel the dog carrier and it wasn’t there,” Zoell said. “I could not find her anywhere.”

That’s when one of the firefighters jumped into action.

“He went to the truck and got a thermal imaging camera and started walking through the weeds, and one of the young firefighters, Dustin Wood, found a little heat source on the thermal imaging camera and he put the camera down and looked over at the weeds and saw the weeds shaking and all of a sudden there was the little pup sitting right there,” Schmertzler said.

Schmertzler says the Boston Terrier puppy walked away from the scene without a scratch.

“It was traumatized - you can tell it was shaking really bad - so we got a blanket from Western Albemarle Rescue Squad and wrapped it up and cuddled it and held it for a while and probably after two hours it stopped shaking,” Schmertzler said.

While Zoell recovered from minor injuries in the hospital, Schmertzler took the dog home for the night.

“While the pup was with me it was fed, watered, it slept with me, also, so it was very comfortable,” Schmertzler.

Yhe puppy was reunited with Zoell early Monday, May 16. A happy ending to a scary situation.

“Amazingly, she has no injuries. So she was completely watched over. I have no idea, but it is a miracle that she’s OK and that she was found,” Zoell said.

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