Madison, Orange County school boards to discuss Critical Race Theory bans

Orange County High School (File)
Orange County High School (File)(WVIR)
Published: May. 6, 2022 at 11:43 PM EDT
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MADISON Co., Va. (WVIR) - Some school boards in Central Virginia are on the verge of making changes to what can be taught, or even discussed, in the classroom.

Both Madison County and Orange County school boards are meeting on Monday and the resolutions on the table both say, thanks to Gov. Glenn Youngkin, the so-called critical race theory could be banned.

The proposed CRT ban in Madison, which was drafted by School Board Member Christopher Wingate, also includes other guidelines for “teaching about controversial issues”.

It says teachers will “provide opposing viewpoints fairly and impartially”, “refrain from displaying flags or banners... that would seem to take sides on issues that are controversial”, and would ban any “instruction or discussion with students concerning... sexual orientation or gender choices, contraception, and abortion prior to 9th grade”.

Once in high school, those topics would only be taught in Family Life Education classes.

Board members discussed the proposal during a meeting last month.

“That’s another one of those curriculums we need to stay away from,” said Charlie Sheads. “There’s only two genders. It’s either a boy or a girl.”

In Orange, two separate resolutions will be discussed.

The first would get rid of Critical Race Theory and the EdEquity framework, because it says “divisive content is a detriment to equity in education”. The second would stop all teaching and discussion “relating to sexual orientation... or gender identity” without parental consent.

A 2021 memo from the Virginia Department of Education says Critical Race Theory is not being taught in any Virginia public schools.

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