Details of the storm damage survey on the Augusta County tornado

April 26, 2022
EF-0 damage
EF-0 damage(whsv)
Published: Apr. 28, 2022 at 7:34 PM EDT|Updated: Jun. 2, 2022 at 10:44 PM EDT
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FISHERSVILLE, Va. (WHSV) - The National Weather Service completed the storm survey for the Tuesday, April 26th tornado.

Here are the details:

...NWS Damage Survey for 04/26/22 Tornado in Fishersville- Waynesboro, VA...

Rating: EF-1 Estimated

Peak Wind: 90 mph

Path Length: 6.0 miles

Path Width /maximum/: 75 yards

Fatalities: 0 Injuries: 0

Start Date: April 26, 2022 Start Time: 1:04 PM EDT Start Location: Fishersville VA

End Date: April 26, 2022 End Time: 1:15 PM EDT End Location: City of Waynesboro VA


6 miles long
6 miles long(NWS)


Augusta County Tornado: April 26, 2022
Power lines down during storm

Some of the damage from the storm

Power lines were downed near the Staunton Montessori School on Jefferson Highway in Fishersville.
EF-1 tornado confirmed

April 26, 2022 Tornado

Photo of the storm moving into Fishersville
High wind pushes driver off the road during the tornado

Hear from one driver who had a terrifying experience during the storm

Position of the car after it stopped, no tire tracks under or behind the car


The tornado started on Barterbrook road in Fishersville.

Location where the tornado started


The farm on Tinkling Springs road showed damage to the roof of the home, and extensive damage to the barn. This is also the location where two pieces of wood were driven into the ground facing opposite directions. Despite that damage, that would fall under an EF-0

Raw footage from the storm survey. They talk it out, describe what they’re seeing and what kind of damage that it could be.

Storms can contain a microburst and a tornado, or strong multiple downdrafts.

The damage on Rt. 250 was from straight line winds, not the tornado.

The NWS survey team talking to a homeowner with property damage. They're discussing what they see but have not come to a comclusion at this point.


This tornado likely formed as part of a strong downdraft within the storm called the rear flank downdraft. This is a region of dry air wrapping into the back of the storm. It can lead to a surge of high winds, damaging winds and can sometimes lead to tornado formation. With the circulation likely starting closer to the ground, radar isn’t always going to see this rotation. The radar beam in this area is at about 9,800′. Meaning the radar can only see as low as 9,800′. So if there’s not strong rotation in the storm, this circulation which can start small- can go undetected.

Thunderstorm downdraft
Thunderstorm downdraft(whsv)


The National Weather Service conducted a field survey of damage that occurred with storms that passed through Fishersville in Augusta County, Virginia and the City of Waynesboro on Tuesday afternoon April 26, 2022. The NWS storm survey team determined that a EF-1 tornado occurred with maximum wind speeds estimated at 90 mph and a maximum path width of 75 yards along a 6.0 mile path.

The first damage noted was along Barterbrook Road one-half mile north of Tinkling Spring Road where there were broken tree branches and both hardwood and softwood trees were snapped. As the tornado progressed east, additional trees were snapped and uprooted along with significant damage to a farm on the 1100 block of Tinkling Spring Road. At this farm, significant roof and structural damage was observed to a barn. A farmhouse lost portions of its metal roof which became dislodged and were wrapped around branches of a tree. Lumber from the barn was lofted approximately 125 yards and embedded into the ground in different directions. Trees on the farm were noted to be snapped in multiple directions.

The tornado continued eastward towards the intersection of Tinkling Spring Road and Ramsey Road where more hardwood tree branches and entire softwood trees were snapped. Some screens were also damaged on homes and some siding was dislodged at this location. The tornado crossed Tinkling Spring Road where additional hardwood trees were uprooted and softwood trees were snapped. Siding and roof damage occurred to a mobile home and two 75-yard sections of fence were blown inward at a plumbing supply facility. A trash dumpster and grease dumpster were flipped sideways, and minor structural damage was observed to an office complex near the intersection of Tinkling Spring Road and Ivy Ridge Road.

Sporadic damage continued near Ivy Ridge road. As the tornado moved east through Ivy Ridge, the tornado produced scattered tree and structural damage throughout the area. The tornado then paralleled Ladd Road and crossed Interstate 64 near Hickory Hill Road.

The tornado continued moving east into a wooded area between Hickory Hill Road and Lew Dewitt Boulevard. The survey team noted scattered uprooted and snapped trees. The tornado then entered the City of Waynesboro and crossed Lew Dewitt Boulevard near Bookerdale Road. Hardwood trees were snapped in this area. The tornado then continued moving east into a wooded area resulting in additional scattered tree damage.

As the tornado continued trekking east, hardwood trees were uprooted and additional minor branch damage occured in a residential area in the City of Waynesboro near Sterling Drive and Parker Heights Road near the water tower. Several trees were brought down onto residential structures and a steeple was blown off of a church. The tornado dissipated near Wayneridge Road, but not before causing a large tree to fall onto a residence causing considerable damage on Bader Avenue.

It was noted that significant leaf debris occurred on all sides of multiple structures along the entire path of the tornado. While many trees were snapped and/or uprooted along the storm motion (generally west to east), there were a number of tree snaps or uproots in multiple directions along the tornados path.

Most of the path was EF-0 damage but there were two spots where the damage led to the EF-1 rating, and that was with hardwood trees. Here are the locations:

The two points on the path with EF-1 Damage
The two points on the path with EF-1 Damage(NWS)
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