UVA Health talks second booster

Published: Apr. 8, 2022 at 2:45 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Now that the FDA has authorized a second COVID-19 vaccine booster for select groups - when is the best time to get it? UVA Health doctors gave their input on Friday, April 8.

“If you have a crystal ball at home, I recommend waiting until two weeks before the next wave - failing that, I think it’s quite challenging,” UVA Health’s Doctor Patrick Jackson said.

Those 50 and older along with immunocompromised people can now get a second booster. When to get it depends.

“I have a family member who’s quite immune compromised. And I recommend that they go ahead and get the fourth dose right away,” Jackson said.

Jackson says his advice changes depending on the person.

“I have another family member who’s 60 years old and in good health and doesn’t really have too much going on. He’s already gotten three doses. And I haven’t been pushing her to get that fourth dose just yet,” Jackson said.

UVA health is having to stay flexible too.

“One important thing that that’s changed for us is that earlier this week, the FDA deauthorized one of our outpatient COVID treatments, a monoclonal antibody called Sotrovimab,” Jackson said.

Now a new treatment plan is in place.

“We really are pushing the drug Paxlovid, though the oral antiviral drug is kind of our first line agent for outpatient treatment of covid-19. We also have Remdesivir available for some outpatients,” Jackson said.

The center also has multiple clinical trials going on - but enrollment has slowed.

“Over the winter, we were doing lots of business in terms of enrolling patients and we are doing much less business in terms of enrolling, which I’m very happy about right now just because we have so many fewer cases,” Jackson said.

UVA Health says check the case counts in your area before deciding on protection measures.

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