Martin’s donates 250 hams to Blue Ridge Area Food Bank

Published: Apr. 4, 2022 at 4:15 PM EDT
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VERONA Va. (WVIR) - More people are feeling the effects of food insecurity as prices continue to rise.

Martin’s teamed up with the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank to donate 250 hams Monday, April 4.

“With $4 gallon gasoline, unprecedented inflation rates - or at least in our lifetime, unprecedented inflation rates - on food, we know that people are having to make hard choices,” Greg Knight with the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank said .

BRAFB says 100,000 people struggle with food insecurity in the 25 counties it serves.

Martin’s says it has seen the impact the coronavirus pandemic has had in the way people grocery shop.

“Now is particularly hard. We recognize that COVID has certainly impacted the supply chain - we see that in the stores, you know - and it’s impacted families in the community,” said Jayme Brafford with Martin’s. “We made that donation primarily, you know, for the Easter season. My understanding is majority of them have already been distributed.”

Now, the team is working to pack up produce.

“We just finished tomatoes. I believe after this we’re doing apples to go out in the middle bands tomorrow for the community and all the areas that can’t be reached and don’t have food banks near them,” Martin’s employee and volunteer Teman Nofflet said.

Martin’s says the work doesn’t stop there.

“We have meat that we don’t sell in the stores that gets donated to the food bank. We have sister partners with the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank that comes to our stores every day to pick up unsellable produce items that we don’t sell. So every day we are contributing,” Brafford said.

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