Protestors gather outside of Orange County Courthouse

Published: Mar. 28, 2022 at 5:49 PM EDT
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ORANGE CO, Va. (WVIR) - People in Orange County are asking for Judge David Franzén to be removed from the bench, after he shared plans to ask the board of supervisors to take down a confederate statue.

“He is taking his authority far beyond what he should be doing and engaging in politics,” State Senator Bryce Reeves (R) 17th District said, “We have a judge just sitting on the bench here this morning, that is trying to impanel, a grand jury to force the orange county board of supervisors to take the action about removing a monument. And that’s outside his lane so to speak.”

Last week Franzén said he was going to decide the fate of a confederate statue that stands in front of the Orange County Courthouse. On Friday, March 25, after some outcry he sent out a clarification calling on orange supervisors to exercise their power to remove the confederate statute

“The purpose of that declaration was to call upon the Board of Supervisors to exercise its legislative power to remove the Confederate statue from the courthouse lawn as an obstruction to the proper administration of justice in Orange County. It was not my intention to Order any action, but rather to defer to the legislative power of the Board,” wrote Franzén in an email.

Protestors say the judge is still wrong.

“We have a judge who’s reached out to each one of our county board of supervisors not as a citizen, but as the judge of the circuit court for Orange County. Okay, so he’s using his position to influence our elected officials,” Protestor DJ Anglin said.

He’s okay with people asking for the statue to come o down, as long as its done through the proper channels.

“We have a law in place on how to address a county board of supervisors as a citizen, not using your position to influence that. You could make those complaints to the county board of supervisors and they would make that decision,” Anglin said.

Reeves also said there is a legal method if someone has a complaint.

“If a community wants to have something removed, there’s a process for that, to petition their legislators or their supervisors. Through a referendum process, what this judge is trying to do is stick his nose where it doesn’t belong, and try to force that process,” Reeves said.

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