Affection from a dog is medicinal, new study says

Man's best friend may just be a doctor's best friend, too.
Man's best friend may just be a doctor's best friend, too.(CNN Newsource)
Published: Mar. 14, 2022 at 9:11 AM EDT
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(CNN) - A new study proves what dog lovers could have already told you. Man’s best friend makes them feel better.

The study published in the scientific journal, PLOS ONE, suggested that dogs may also be a doctor’s best friend.

In the research paper, Canadian doctors used therapy dogs to comfort people being treated in the emergency room for pain.

Patients who spent 10 minutes with a therapy dog in the emergency room reported less pain than those getting conventional treatment alone.

The study appears to be the first of its kind to test the use of therapy dogs in this setting.

Researchers theorize the dogs relieve anxiety and depression and offer emotional support, which may change how some patients experience pain.

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