AHS class meets with Holocaust survivor

Published: Feb. 14, 2022 at 5:44 PM EST
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ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - Students in Albemarle high school class are learning history from someone who lived through it. Hashim Davis’ African American studies class uses a different lens when it comes to learning about the past. Student’s say, it’s added a whole new level to their education.

“Black history is taught every day,” Albemarle High School instructor Hashim Davis said. “So it’s not just February.”

Davis chooses to teach that every day lesson, in a different way. He is an African American studies instructor, as a fellow from the holocaust museum in DC. He uses weaves that experience into his lessons.

“There’s an intersection in terms of the experiences that many those who were persecuted from within the racial caste system of Nazi Germany as related to those who were persecuted as a racial caste within the United States.” Davis said.

Monday ,February 14, he brought in a Holocaust survivor on Zoom to his class. His students say it added to another level to their education.

“We’re moving beyond numbers,” Davis said. “We’re moving beyond statistics. I want the students to understand that these individuals are are people that they have lives.”

This is the first time a class like this has been taught at Albemarle High School. Students say this lesson was a unique experience for their education.

“Hearing their experience will help me move forward in my life and try to remove hate from society, I know that’s such a hard thing, but like that is the goal here” Senior at AHS Chloe Carpenter said.

Students say this experience gives a concrete, personable aspect to what they are learning in class. They are excited to keep building similar lessons like this, continuing these messages throughout the year and not just during Black History Month.

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