Cows, horses seized by Fluvanna Co. Sheriff’s Office

Published: Dec. 28, 2021 at 4:40 PM EST
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FLUVANNA COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - Authorities say some cattle from a Fluvanna County farm are to blame for multiple accidents, and an investigation is now underway.

A total of 42 cows and seven horses were removed from one farm late Monday, December 27. The Fluvanna Co. Sheriff’s Office says cows have gotten out of the pastures and onto the roads, causing three accidents just this month.

“This has been an ongoing issue, probably for 10 to 20 years,” Chief Deputy David Wells said. “We probably had well over 100 calls since June on these animals. We’ve written over 60 citations for allowing livestock to run at large.”

The sheriff’s office took the next step Monday night: “He just refused to work with us, refused to fix the problem of mending his fence and getting a proper feed. So it really left us no choice. We don’t really want to impound this many cattle, because it’s quite a large operation,” Wells said.

Wells says they tried to warn the property owner before: “We actually impounded three cattle last year from the same property owner that were abandoned. Same property owner who failed to take proper care of his livestock, and he’s an elderly man as he’s getting up there in age, and like a lot of elderly people, perhaps, they don’t realize that they can’t do what they used to do,” he said.

An animal neglect and cruelty investigation is underway. Authorities say that additional charges are expected.

“Basically, just he wasn’t taking care of his fence. When you have that many cattle and you’re probably not having adequate nutrition on the farm for them, they’re going to stray off property. And when they stray off property, then you have large slow-moving animals and roadways became a very dangerous condition,” Wells said. “Hopefully there will be less accidents. Still, a lot of paperwork court action to go so we hope this is a good first step.”

The Fluvanna County Sheriff’s Office says the animals were taken to an undisclosed location since this case is an ongoing investigation, and veterinarians checked on them to make sure they were alright.

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