Fluvanna Co. sees spike in COVID-19 cases

Published: Nov. 18, 2021 at 4:18 PM EST
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FLUVANNA COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - For the most part, COVID-19 case counts had been on the decline for the last few weeks, but the Blue Ridge Health District saw a steep spike Wednesday, November 17.

“We had 117 cases reported, and then a lower number today [Nov. 18] much closer to 49 or 50,” Ryan McKay with BRHD said. “But I think we’re expecting a little bit of a plateau in the trend we had been seeing in terms of downwards, or even a slight increase as we head into late fall, winter.”

McKay and his team at the health district are constantly monitoring case counts and trends.

“We had been seeing an overall decline pretty steadily over the last several weeks, and I think last week and even this week gives us a little bit of pause about where we are and where we’re heading,” he said.

One area of concern seems to be in Fluvanna County, which reported 22 cases Wednesday. This was the highest single-day count in the county since April.

“We have our case investigators and some subject matter experts really look into that and have conversations with whomever it is that has contracted COVID, particularly if it’s in a workplace setting or, let’s say, it’s in the schools if the schools are experiencing something,” McKay said.

In this scenario, the culprit isn’t the schools. According to the Fluvanna County Public Schools’ COVID Dashboard, there was only one confirmed case last week.

“I think it’s just community spread,” McKay said. “[Delta variant] is highly transmissible. What we know is that during the warmer months, even into the early parts of fall, the virus itself does not survive very well if at all outdoors, but it does survive very well indoors and that’s how it’s spread.”

Fluvanna County’s vaccination rate is also lower than the state average.

“There is a strong correlation between localities that have a higher vaccination rate and then their case incidence rate per 100,000,” McKay said.

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