Albemarle County School Board briefed on Center I, discusses potential Center II

Published: Oct. 28, 2021 at 10:45 PM EDT
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ALBEMARLE Co., Va. (WVIR) - Thursday evening, Albemarle County’s School Board discussed its years-long plan to develop high school “centers” to help reduce overcrowding.

During the meeting, held virtually over Zoom, they listened to an evaluation of Center I and took a look ahead at a potential Center II.

Center I in Seminole Place has been operational since it was leased a few years ago. School board members said they are pleased with what it’s been able to do, after being given a presentation from Michael Craddock, the school’s director.

“It definitely has potential and is on the right direction,” said boardmember Ellen Osborne.

Craddock said students, mostly from Albemarle High School and Western Albemarle High School, seem to want to attend Center I, which offers specific IT courses, giving students a more narrow lens through which to be educated.

However, they say there’s still work to be done.

The demographics of Center I’s student body are skewed toward white males, though it is becoming more representative of the district at large.

Now the focus shifts to a potential Center II, with teachings in the topics of health and medical sciences. But it’s a $32 million project in the middle of a crowded project list.

“We think about the career pathways that the state has established. I think that we’d be able to better fall in line with that career pathways model by using the academies and centers,” said Chair Graham Paige.

Among the other capital projects for ACPS to consider are renovations to elementary, middle, and high schools -- plus solving overcrowding at Mountain View Elementary.

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