Trips to the new Dunkin’ in Waynesboro lead to several popped tires

Dunkin' in Waynesboro
Dunkin' in Waynesboro(whsv)
Published: Sep. 16, 2021 at 5:56 PM EDT
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WAYNESBORO, Va. (WHSV) - The opening of the new Dunkin’ Donuts in Waynesboro was long awaited by many, but over the past few weeks, several people have reported that it’s been the most expensive coffee run they’ve ever made.

“We were really excited to try the new Dunkin’ at Waynesboro. My family loves coffee and we just wanted to give the new Dunkin’ a try,” Jamie Turner said.

But she got more than just her coffee fix.

“The coffee run that should have been maybe $20-$25 was over $200 dollars,” Turner said.

To get to Dunkin’s parking lot, you have to go through the Valvoline entrance.

“Where you enter, it’s not big enough for two cars to really get in comfortably, and I went up over the curb and it busted my tire,” Turner explained.

And Turner is not the only one who this has happened to.

“The next day, my husband took my vehicle to Discount Tire to replace the tire, and they said that I was the 37th tire they had replaced since Dunkin’ had opened, and as he was there another lady pulled in and she had to replace two tires!” she said.

Corbin Lucas was on his way out of town for a road trip, when he decided to make a coffee stop and hit the same curb.

“As soon as I hit it, I heard that sound and I saw the light indicator lights come on on the dash and I knew what had happened then you got this feeling in the pit of your stomach,” Lucas said.

That coffee trip cost him a new tire and rearranged his travel plans. Instead of driving to his destination, he had to fly there. He said the plane tickets were very expensive because it was such short notice.

The City of Waynesboro says they have received several complaints but says it’s private property and Dunkin’ would have to come up with a new configuration.

“They did try to cram a lot into a small site, so there is quite a bit that’s going on in terms of the amount of vehicle flow that they’re trying to make happen through that site,” Luke Juday, Director of Community Development for Waynesboro said. “That said, they met all engineering guidelines that we’re concerned with . We govern entrance width, drive aisle width, turn radius, that kind of thing and they meet all those standards.”

Juday explains that there is a storm inlet on the curb at the entrance, which is a sharper surface and could be the cause of tires popping.

He says anyone with concerns should reach out to Dunkin’.

In the meantime, some customers say they’re avoiding that location.

“Because of that, I’ve went to Starbucks now. I haven’t been back to Dunkin,” Lucas said.

WHSV did reach out to Dunkin’ for comment, but we have not yet received a response.

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