Owner of Wyant’s Store in White Hall receives the Art McNally Award for his time as NFL referee

Published: Aug. 23, 2021 at 4:29 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - At the intersection of Garth Road and Browns Gap Turnpike in White Hall sits Wyant’s Store.

“It’s really nice to see the people laughing in the store,” owner David Wyant said. “At least there’s one place in the world you can go and have some laughter and don’t end up in a confrontation.”

For decades when you couldn’t find Wyant behind the register, he was likely on an NFL sideline.

“Officiating is about the acceptance,” he said. “If you look like an official when you walk on the field, you’ve won by 75% of the acceptance level. Then there is only about 20% hustle and 5% rules.”

From Conference Championship games to Super Bowls, He’s been on the sidelines for some of the biggest games with some of the biggest names in NFL History.

“This side of the field is not going to like the call and the other side is going to like it and then you turn around a couple plays later it’s just the reverse so once you got both sides ticked off at you, you’re really working a good ballgame then,” Wyant said.

In October 2020, Wyant decided to put the yellow flag in his pocket for good. He recently joined an officials meeting through Zoom thinking it was to honor all the referees who were retiring. Little did he know the Art McNally Award would be headed to White Hall, Va.

“I’ll have to tell you, I’m kind of tough, but the tears started coming out of my eyes,” he said.

Wyant says he’s honored to receive the award named after the living legend, Art McNally, which honors one official for professionalism, leadership, and commitment to sportsmanship.

“The award says professionalism, sportsmanship and leadership and Art McNally was a super, super leader and a great, great individual,” Wyant said.

So next time you head in to the Wyant Store, keep an eye out for the newest piece of hardware and take a look around at all the history Wyant’s Store has hanging on the walls.

“I’m still the same boy that went to Albemarle High School, the University of Virginia, and lived here with all these folks and enjoyed the community where I’ve lived,” Wyant said.

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