Concerns rise as COVID cases climb again

Published: Jul. 27, 2021 at 1:49 PM EDT
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(CNN) – The United States is heading in the wrong direction with new COVID-19 cases climbing once again.

Hospitalizations are up in many states, too, including Florida.

“Three to four weeks ago we went to a total of 52 patients in our health system who had COVID and today we went over 200,” said Dr. Hany Atallah, chief medical officer at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami.

More than 90% of the COVID-19 patients being admitted to the medical center are unvaccinated.

“The group of patients who are being admitted who are vaccinated, they have other medical problems and are on certain medications, like immunosuppressants that make them more vulnerable, even though they have been vaccinated,” Atallah said.

Less than half of the US population is fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and with the delta...
Less than half of the US population is fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and with the delta variant causing cases to surge in many states, some experts are, once again, urging Americans to take precautions against the coronavirus.

Last week, a White House official said the Sunshine State, along with Missouri and Texas, account for more than 40% of new COVID cases in the United States.

Overall, fewer than half of Americans are fully vaccinated.

A recent poll of unvaccinated adults shows 45% of those surveyed were definitely not going to get a shot.

“By people saying, ‘I’m not going to get vaccinated,’ they’re actually choosing to endanger everybody else and they’re prolonging the pandemic,” said Dr. Leana Wen, a CNN medical analyst and emergency physician.

With about 46% of the U.S. population living in a community the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now considers to have “high” COVID-19 transmission, health experts are urging caution.

“Vaccinated people, stop thinking we’re fully protected,” Wen said. “We’re very well protected, but as long as there are people around us who are continuing to spread COVID-19, that’s actually making us less safe.”

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