Sentara Martha Jefferson Monday: focus on staff resiliency

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Sentara Martha Jefferson recently hired a staff resiliency coordinator. Their sole focus is to look for ways to provide additional, on-going support, to the caregivers within the hospital walls.

“I think we do a great job taking care of our patients, and we do a great job paying attention to the healthcare of our patients, but when we look at the health and wellness of ourselves we often get put on the back burner,” said Esther Lozano Otis, staff resiliency coordinator. “This program helps push those priorities forward.”

The program was made possible thanks to the Joseph and Robert Cornell Memorial Foundation and other community support.

Things like daily roving massage and roving yoga are currently in place, as well as sunrise walks and interactive displays that remind staff to stop and take a moment for themselves.

But additional work is also being done to find out what other things staff might like to see going forward.

“What, in terms of health and wellness is a priority for them,” said Lozano Otis.

A resiliency garden is also planned to provide staff a place to go for a moment of quiet. And, this program isn’t just for clinical staff. Rather all members of the team benefit, as everyone has a role in providing care.

“I feel like staff are grateful,” said Lozano Otis.

For more information on this topic, please call 1-800-SENTARA.

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