Mary Baldwin asks students to submit vaccination status

Published: Jul. 22, 2021 at 5:58 PM EDT
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STAUNTON, Va. (WHSV) - As COVID-19 cases rise again locally, schools are faced with big decisions regarding the school year.

Summer break is drawing to a close, and universities are making announcements about what they want from their students regarding vaccines, masks and social distancing.

Mary Baldwin is ready to have students back for the school year. (WHSV)
Mary Baldwin is ready to have students back for the school year. (WHSV)(WHSV)

Mary Baldwin University students are required to be vaccinated and must submit proof of their vaccination status by Friday, July 23, but school officials say they’re being flexible with the confirmation.

“Having a vaccination rate on our campus where people can be back to normal is what we’re really after,” said Deborah Greubel, the Chief Health Officer at Mary Baldwin.

She says she’s looking forward to the new normal.

“Last year, everybody was masked, socially distanced. We were worried about infection rates, we were worried about people being sick,” she said.

After over a year of strict health guidelines, Mary Baldwin leaders are gearing up to have students back.

“We’re looking so forward to having people back in classrooms, unmasked and back to a normal that we haven’t seen in over a year,” said Greubel.

They agree the best way to do that is to require vaccinations among on-campus students, staff and faculty. Campus community members can apply for an medical or religious exemption if one applies to them. Those who are vaccinated won’t have to wear a mask.

“We’re trying to get to great point where we know the majority of people on our campus are vaccinated so we can keep everyone safe,” said Greubel.

Students have been asked to submit their vaccination cards by scanning them. So far, Greubel says that process has gone well, and although some have struggled with the technology of it, compliance hasn’t been a problem.

“They want to be out participating in all the activities they can participate in on a college campus, so they’re very excited to come back,” said Greubel.

Though Friday is the official due date, Greubel says they’ll be lenient with students. “I know the compliance is higher than the scanning.”

School is set to begin August 30.

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