Blue Moon Diner seeing success with rooftop dining experience

Published: Jul. 1, 2021 at 11:28 AM EDT
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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - The Blue Moon Diner says it is seeing a big bounce back as tourism surges in Charlottesville.

The diner has been a local staple for decades, but this is its first year with a brand new rooftop, which is drawing even more people in.

“It’s just become a great little secret garden space. It is a beautiful little view of West Main Street,” owner Laura Galgano said. “It’s a huge hit.”

Blue Moon has gone through many renovations in the past couple of years, but one of the biggest projects during the COVID-19 lockdown was the rooftop.

“The pandemic hit and we said ‘well this is the perfect time to build out a rooftop seating,’” Galgano said. “We were able to put four tables up there with a lovely little bar area and umbrellas.”

One of the biggest challenges with the rooftop is weather. It was closed recently due to the high temperatures that have scorched the city.

“We are getting some things like fans and air circulating out there,” she said.

Galgano says, with tourism surging, they are looking to possibly rent out the rooftop to bigger parties soon.

“Now with updated hotels within two blocks of us, the tourist and wedding industry is really ramping up again,” she said. “We’re getting a lot more of the tourist customers than we ever used to.”

Galgano says they are kept afloat by the friendly faces of those who come in and support the diner and surrounding businesses.

“We are very lucky in our little block. We haven’t lost any of the core businesses that really kind of made the neighborhood,” she said. “We all somehow managed to survive, and are now gearing up together.”

It’s not just people from out of town coming in, Galgano says. Many of the diner’s regulars have made their return to their favorite spot.

“Some of our old school Charlottesville regulars are starting to come back out and that’s been just a delight, too,” Galgano said. “Just getting to see people and hear how they’ve been the last year.”

Staff at the diner are especially excited about bringing back live music, hopefully sooner rather than later, featuring the new stage they built.

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