Moderna ‘KidCOVE’ vaccine study underway; wait list of 1,400+ children across Va.

Clinical Research Partners has 1,400 children on the wait list to take part in the Moderna...
Clinical Research Partners has 1,400 children on the wait list to take part in the Moderna KidCOVE vaccine study.(Clinical Research Partners)
Published: Jun. 29, 2021 at 3:24 PM EDT
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HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WWBT) - While nearly 71% of all adults in Virginia have at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, the attention now turns to getting children vaccinated.

COVID-19 vaccine clinical studies are happening across the country for our youngest citizens, one trial is happening here in the metro area.

While Pfizer has FDA emergency use authorization to vaccinate children 12 years and older, Clinical Research Partners in Henrico is looking at how well the Moderna vaccine will protect kids as young as six months old.

“They’re brave little volunteers,” said Co-founder and CEO Annette Bennett.

So far, seven children under the age of 12 have already received their second dose of a COVID-19 vaccine through the Moderna KidCOVE study in Henrico.

“They’re so sweet they haven’t cried, they’re like, we’re here to help,” Bennett said. “So, it’s really nice that they’re taking part in putting an end to COVID and bringing things back to normal.”

However, this study is not just happening here; it is a nationwide study that is part of the process for FDA approval in the future.

“Back in about 2004 the FDA actually mandated that whatever medications were approved for adults would have to go back and be tested on children,” Bennett said. “So, this isn’t anything new due to COVID.”

Many families were eager to have their children take part; more than 1,400 kids are currently on the waitlist across Virginia.

“Most of the parents have already participated by receiving the Moderna or Pfizer vaccines, so they’re really eager to have their children be able to be protected as well, and create a normal life for the Fall and school,” Bennett said.

Currently, the study is in phase 1 which focuses on the dosage. It is why only a certain number of children were able to take part in this phase.

“We were only allotted seven slots and then we were just allotted two more additional slots; it’s very tight in the age - they want a 15-month-old and a 16-month-old, so it’s very specific,” Bennett said.

Once phase two starts, Bennett said they will pause the study after every 375 kids to analyze the data.

Some families are traveling from as far as Baltimore to take part in the Moderna KidCOVE study. Those who participate will have to do up to six visits over a year.

While not all parents may be on board with having their children participate, Bennett said there are other options as well.

“There are monoclonal antibody studies where your child can just receive manmade antibodies made in a lab and then have immunity right away,” she added.

According to Bennett, that monoclonal antibody study includes:

  • Adagio: Antibodies used to prevent COVID-19

Another monoclonal antibody study, for patients 18 years and older, includes:

  • ACTIV-2: Antibodies used to treat COVID-19

Meanwhile, the group also kicked off a new clinical study looking at multiple doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. While J&J already has FDA emergency use authorization, the researchers will analyze data from giving patients two doses of the same vaccine 57 days apart – like Pfizer and Moderna.

For more information on these studies, click here.

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