Family hopes to save historic school house in Augusta County

In a public notice, the Mount Hermon Cemetery Board of Trustees said the school house is financially unsustainable and they’re looking to build a road to the cemetery.
Moffett's Creek Schoolhouse
Moffett's Creek Schoolhouse(WHSV)
Published: Jun. 2, 2021 at 9:41 PM EDT
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MIDDLEBROOK, Va. (WHSV) - A historic school house in Augusta County is in jeopardy of being torn down.

The Moffett’s Creek Schoolhouse in Middlebrook was built in the 1870s.

It was originally a one room school house, but a second room was added on a few years later.

The building is currently owned by the Mount Hermon Cemetery Board of Trustees. In a public notice, the board stated the school house is financially unsustainable and they’re looking to build a road to the cemetery.

Rhonda Moffett Howdyshell and her husband Charles have ties to the school and are hoping to save it.

“My husband, who will be 74 this summer, his grandmother Beulah Zimmerman she attended this school,” Rhonda said.

The school was once used by Mount Hermon Church, which Charles attended before it was torn down.

“My husband is a Vietnam veteran. He did two tours. When he returned from his second tour, the church he grew up in and that had played organ for had been torn down while he was gone and it broke his heart. Now he hears this was happening, well he is not a happy camper for sure,” Rhonda said.

Rhonda said she would like to see historical signage added to the school and said it could even be open to visitors. She is hoping the trustees will consider other options.

“There is plenty of room and space on the plot here for the road. Don’t have to take a building down for it,” Rhonda said.

On Wednesday, Rhonda took her grandson to visit the school.

“When my grandson heard about this, he wanted to see. He wanted to see what a one room school house was and I think there is a lot of other people who would want to see that,” Rhonda said.

According to the public notice, community members could write their comments or concerns to the board.

Letters had to be postmarked by June 2nd.

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