Sentara Martha Jefferson Monday: Sentara Martha Jefferson Launches Hospital to Home Program

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Sentara Martha Jefferson recently launched a new program meant to help patients who may be better cared for from the comfort of their home. It’s called Hospital to Home.

“We can send them home and continue to have a nurse visit them each day,” said Dr. Will Knight, a physician at Sentara Martha Jefferson. “The doctor will see them on an iPad and discuss with them how they are feeling.”

Dr. Knight is leading the effort behind the new program. The goal is to get patients out of the hospital setting, while still providing them the care they need.

“They may get daily IV medications, daily lab draws, they go home with vitals equipment and we are able to take care of them somewhat in a hospital like fashion but in the comfort of their own home,” said Dr. Knight.

Each patient is assigned a nurse who monitors the patient remotely outside of their visits. And, if additional help is needed, it’s just a phone call away.

“They are checking their vitals frequently throughout the day. The have a nurse on call all the time, and if needed, the doctor is contacted for any issues that arise,” said Dr. Knight.

Overall, the hope is that, through the program, patients can get back on their feet as quickly and safely as possible, in a comfortable setting.

“The care can be pretty equivalent to what’s going on in the hospital for the select patients that are qualifying for this,” said Dr. Knight. “The benefit to the patient is there is less risk of deconditioning, less risk of getting delirious in the hospital, and just overall more comfortable for the patients and the families who don’t need to be coming back and forth from the hospital.”

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