Cville Plans Together hosts pop up event at Reid’s Market

Cville Plans Together hosts pop up event at Reid’s Market

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Cville Plans Together is considering building new medium density housing in Charlottesville.

On Friday, May 14, Cville Plans Together invited people who live in the area to a pop-up event at Reid’s Market to voice their opinions on land use in the area. They learned about the possible future of the city’s planning which is guided by its comprehensive plan.

“There are several elements within the comprehensive plan. Affordable housing, community facilities, land use...” Alex Ikefuna, director of Neighborhood Development Services, said.

Cville Plans Together says they are dedicated to including the community’s focus on equity and affordability.

Rhodeside & Harwell, a landscape architecture, planning, and urban design firm, was hired to help generate the changes.

“When we are talking about the land-use map, we are looking at ways that we can provide more housing options throughout the city for all people to afford - different scales of housing - housing for all different levels of income,” Jennifer Koch, a senior associate at Rhodeside & Harwell, said.

Some people in Charlottesville feel the early stages of a zoning ordinance within the plan will do more harm than good.

“There’s nothing to say that once this is rezoned, or once the plan is there, that would green light the rezoning. Developers wouldn’t say ‘why would I build a duplex when I could maximize my profits by building a big apartment complex,” Charlottesville resident Leeyanne Moore said.

Others are concerned the current road map could lead people to get bought out of their homes by developers.

Cville Plans Together is getting feedback on the draft plan through the end of May.

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