Construction crews working at the University of Virginia learn life-saving skills

A construction worker straps into a harness to use on the job.
A construction worker straps into a harness to use on the job.(WVIR)
Published: May. 9, 2021 at 11:44 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - As construction continues at the University of Virginia with crews rebuilding the Alderman Library, Skansa Construction, a company involved in the project, is giving their workers some extra safety tips to prevent them from getting hurt on the job.

“Seconds matter, minutes matter,” said Robert DiDiano, a representative from Skansa.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports nearly 80,000 construction workers suffer an injury on the job every year. Falls are the leading cause.

“Educating people on what to do, the fastest, the best way, the safest way possible, is really what it’s all about, saving lives and being efficient,” DiDiano Said.

Builders on-site are taught life-saving skills, like how to strap in using specialized hooks and harness themselves in while working from high elevations.

“When it comes to an emergency plan, and an emergency happens, you really only get one shot at it,” DiDiano said.

Even the most experienced crew members face dangers on the job, which is why training is done in teams. DiDiano said the company ensures all workers receive proper training before working at high elevations to prevent injuries or even death from happening on the job.

“We have to recognize that our surroundings can be very dangerous and they can change at any moment, so we have to be aware of our own safety and then look out for everybody around us. I think if everybody’s taking the time to do that, then you’ll have a very safe and successful project,” he said.

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