Rockslide keeps part of Rt. 250 closed in Nelson County

Rockslide keeps part of Rt. 250 closed in Nelson County

NELSON COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - Rocks falling off the side of Afton Mountain are keeping U.S. 250 closed from Rte. 151 to the top of the mountain for the foreseeable future.

Virginia Department of Transportation crews were still on scene Tuesday, as they try to figure out next steps.

“The hazard is that if the lower portion drops, the top will come with it and that will be a great amount of material covering 250,” VDOT’s Richard Zambrotta said.

Zambrotta says his team alerted him to a couple rocks falling on Monday afternoon.

“As people come up and visit, they see more and more drops, another tree drops so its very unstable at this point,” he said.

VDOT has U.S. 250 closed off to the public from the Route 151 intersection to the top of Afton Mountain.

“All the residents that live here have been contacted individually,” Zambrotta said.

VDOT will be meeting with two more contractors on May 5, to learn more about how to proceed.

“Well have better time frames as far as closures go, on detours, and anything that pertains to the slide on 250,” he said.

In the meantime, VDOT is alerting travelers of the road closure in every way possible.

“We’re trying to do everything we can with the detours, light up the signs on 64, light up the signs on 151 and 250 to give as much advanced warning as possible,” Zambrotta said.

More updates will come, but as of now, rocks continue to slide down into route 250.

“We started out probably with a little rock in the roadway and you see how far its gotten so far,” Zambrotta said.

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