Sentara Martha Jefferson Monday: Diversity and Inclusion Council

Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital recently formed a Diversity and Inclusion Council. It’s made up of hospital administrators and staff from all different walks of life.

“We try to look at every dimension of diversity and make sure we have someone on the team that represented that dimension,” noted Johnsa Morris, MBA/MHCM BSN NEA-BC, chief nurse executive at Sentara Martha Jefferson.

Morris leads the recently formed council and notes the group has three main focus areas: the workplace, the workforce, and the community.

“We want to make sure we are giving back to the community, participating in those areas of community that demonstrate diversity as well.” Morris said.

Additionally, the group is looking at ensuring everyone feels welcome as they walk through the hospital doors.

“Making sure we have created an environment where all folks who desire to come here as patients or employees feel comfortable coming here because we will support them and the backgrounds they come with,” Morris noted.

Although the work is just beginning, the council will play an important role for the organization into the future.

“When we look at the state of our community, and the state of our country, it really sends a point of prioritization and urgency to focus on the issues at hand and to get a handle on the issues that may come about,” Morris said.

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