5th District Rep. Bob Good visits Greene Co. Public Schools

5th District Rep. Bob Good visits Greene Co. Public Schools

GREENE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - A majority of students in Greene County have been back in the classroom since September. Officials with Green County Public Schools had the opportunity Friday, April 30, to share their experiences with 5th District Representative Bob Good.

“I’m proud of their efforts to reopen their schools,” Rep. Good said.

Good toured Nathanael Greene Elementary School, and took part in a round-table discussion at William Monroe High School.

“It’s just always good to learn, and to listen and to hear,” he said. “I want them to know how much I appreciate what they’re doing and I want to encourage them and commend them for their hard efforts, but also I want to hear what their needs are, what their concerns are as they come out of the virus situations.”

For GCPS Superintendent Andrea Whitmarsh, the visit reaffirms the hard work that’s been put in by everyone to make the return to in-person learning a success.

“We knew it was going to be important, not only for social emotional needs of students but for academic needs, as well,” she said.

Whitmarsh says the focus this school year hasn’t been entirely on content: “We started this year saying, ‘The most important part is our relationships with the students, making sure they feel safe and comfortable to learn before anything else,’” she said.

For Good, this visit emphasizes his belief that it is safe to return to the classroom.

“How do we ever make up the time of 14 months out of the classroom?” he said. “I’m very concerned. We’ve got some school districts within the Fifth District who have not returned to the classroom at all. How do we ever catch up academically, but also in other ways developmentally, socially?”

Elementary school students in Green County are in-person five days a week while middle and high school students are on a hybrid schedule.

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