2 new homes to be built in Greene County for low- and medium-income first-time homebuyers

2 new homes to be built in Greene County for low- and medium-income first-time homebuyers

STANARDSVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Two new homes are coming to Greene County, and they are being built specifically for low- and medium-income first-time homebuyers. It’s part of a project from the non-profit Skyline Cap.

Among the hopes is to help families financially.

“[A home is] the primary asset that most American families have and this is a chance for the two families that do this to start accumulating that asset,” said Del. Rob Bell, the Republican representing the 58th district, at a groundbreaking event held Friday in Stanardsville.

The project also strives to give families an affordable, and soon accessible, place to live. Greene County Board of Supervisors Chair Bill Martin says there is a plan to construct a sidewalk near the site of the houses.

“This will truly be a walkable community,” Martin said. “Whoever lives here is going to be able to walk to the library, the kids are going to be able to walk to school, they’re going to be able to walk to the grocery store.”

The homes will be built thanks to funding from the federal government, sent to central Virginia. Skyline doesn’t want to stop with just two homes - the money from these homes will go toward new projects.

“Keep finding ways to make more and more families first-time homebuyers in the affordable homeownership experience,” said Bruce Seger of the Greene County Steering Committee.

Those involved say the best moment for them is seeing the families walk through the doors for the first time. As Bell says, from there, ownership begins.

“You get to pick the paint color for the rooms, you get to decide what the bushes look like out front of the house,” he said. “Now, the first time the plumbing goes south and the toilet backs up and they say call the superintendent or call the property manager, they’re going to discover the other half of this.”

The intake form for the houses is available here.

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