Students in Staunton will finish out school year on same hybrid schedule

Students in Staunton will finish out school year on same hybrid schedule

STAUNTON, Va. (WVIR) - The vote was unanimous Monday night when the Staunton School Board decided students will finish out the school year on the current hybrid schedule.

With new CDC guidelines saying it’s safe for kids wearing masks to be three feet apart inside the classroom, the School Board called a special meeting to consider adding more in-person learning.

School leaders considered a plan that would bring kids back to school four days a week starting May 6, but the last day of school is May 20. By the time you take out teacher workdays to learn the changes, and extra time needed for bussing kids to and from school that’s not even two full days of additional instruction.

School Board Member Christine Poulson expressed concern over the 368 students who might need a different teacher.

“I’m wondering at this point would we be doing the right thing to bring them back in or will this be adding more stress to them especially if they need to switch teachers at this point,” said Poulson.

“I’ve heard from about a similar amount on both sides. Some say this is our chance, let’s get the students back. Some say please, whatever you do, don’t make another change this year, our heads are spinning,” said Staunton Schools Superintendent Dr. Garett Smith after hearing from a small number of parents.

In the end, the board decided to keep things the way they are.

School leaders also updated members on the plan for a ramped-up summer school, hoping to re-engage kids and get others back to grade-level expectations. The school district is planning summer instruction for more than 600 kids, half of those are elementary students.

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