Online platform launched to connect community members with nonprofits

Online platform launched to connect community members with nonprofits

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - A new dashboard platform connecting donors and volunteers with nonprofits near them in central Virginia is now live.

“I think we all realized at the start of the pandemic was the critical importance of being able to make community connections and we’ve learned so much and gotten inspirations from all of the different activities across our region where individuals and groups were connecting community member to community member,” CNE Executive Director Cristine Nardi said.

The website serves as an online hub for Virginians to find nonprofits in their area. So far, more than 200 organizations are listed on the website.

“I think it’s important that everybody understands that this is a platform for them to be included in. So whether you’re a nonprofit that wants to be included you can reach out to the CNE or United Way and we can get you connected. We also want the people to see this as a one-stop shop for anything and all things that are nonprofit related,” United Way of Greater Charlottesville President Ravi Respeto said.

Nardi says this website will enable community members to easily get involved in causes they care about.

“What we saw as an important need to build sustainability of our community over time is to have a one-stop-shop to understand how community members who wanted to engage with community building organizations could find their way to do that,” Nardi said.

If you would like your organization listed on the website, you can contact CNE or the United Way to get connected.

“We’re excited about ReImagine CVA because we think it’s going to help individuals across our region have a better understanding of the social impact sector. It’s going to help ease them into finding and engaging in the community in many different ways, and most importantly it’s going to help democratize information about what’s happening in the community,” Nardi said.

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