ACPD trying to get drivers to slow down

ACPD trying to get drivers to slow down

ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - The Albemarle County Police Department says accidents can be prevented and lives can be saved just by slowing down drivers. Officers are out on primary roadways in the county with radar guns trying to slow down those who are not listening.

“Albemarle County has finished first per capita in reportable crashes and fatality crashes in Virginia, and that’s not a category we want to finish first in,” ACPD Lieutenant Randy Jamerson said.

Seventeen percent of crashes in the county last year were associated with speeding.

“When you add into the mix wet roadways, speed and any form of distraction or aggressive driving... it’s a recipe for disaster and that’s what we’re trying to prevent,” Jamerson said.

That’s why Jamerson and other police officers focused on one thing Wednesday, March 31; slowing people down.

“We’re doing it for their well being. We want people to be safe on the road and we want everyone that’s traveling through our community to be safe on the road,” Jamerson said. “This is not about writing a summons or any type of revenue. It’s about being safe and making sure everyone reaches their destination safely.”

Authorities add that drivers should not be looking for that 10mph cushion.

“The speed limit is 45 and we ask motorists to travel 45,” Jamerson said.

The hope is that being visible, writing tickets, and pressing the issue will get people’s attention.

“A motor vehicle is the one thing we feel everyone takes for granted. People get into a vehicle and go from point A to point B and they never think anything will happen to them and it’s the one thing that can change your life in a split second and you’re in total control,” Jamerson said.

This is the first speed initiative ACPD is conducting this year.

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