Egg My House - hiding Easter eggs for cancer research

Egg My House - hiding Easter eggs for cancer research

AUGUSTA COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - Everyone knows someone impacted by cancer, including Sam Bosserman. But not everyone spends countless hours stuffing eggs and playing the Easter bunny to raise money in hopes of a future world free from cancer.

For years, Bosserman has volunteered with Relay for Life of Augusta County and helped raise money for the American Cancer Society. Now she’s found a unique fundraising niche.

“We call it Egg My House, but we’re actually egging someone’s yard,” she said. She’s talking about Easter eggs.

“A lot of families say ‘well I don’t want to put on an egg hunt what can I do? Hey, I can raise money for the American Cancer Society and I can get someone to hide eggs for me in my yard,’” Bosserman stated.

She and her family provide this service. “First we have to stuff the eggs. Stuff the eggs with the candy or the treats or the toys Fill the orders based on preferences, ages, all of those pieces.”

They’ll spend weeks working on thousands of eggs to get ready. Next, they sort the orders and organize deliveries.

“So we’ve got a couple Staunton routes, a couple Waynesboro routes, Stuarts Draft,” Bosserman stated.

Then comes the fun part when they throw on some bunny ears, and this year bunny masks, go out in the dark, and hide the eggs in people’s yards.

“We have little headlamps that we use, flashlights,” she said. “Sometimes we’ll get requests that say we have older kids so make the eggs really hard.”

Bosserman says this is their 6th and most successful year doing it. “We started with six houses and now we’re up to 59 houses.”

She says she’s confident they’ll raise plenty of money. " I’d love to hit that $2,500 mark. And it’s possible. We’ll see what happens.”

All the proceeds go to the American Cancer Society supporting cancer research, but also helping people in Staunton, Waynesboro, and Augusta County.

“To know that our money is gonna stay here locally and that there are services that our local cancer survivors and their families can utilize right here at Augusta Health that means a lot,” Bosserman said.

This year they do need volunteers to help hide the eggs, but also if you’d like some eggs hidden in your yard, the deadline is March 30. More information is available at Egg My House 2021.

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