New radio show shines spotlight on people behind downtown Staunton

New radio show shines spotlight on people behind downtown Staunton

STAUNTON, Va. (WVIR) - In Staunton, a couple nonprofits are teaming up in a unique way to shine a spotlight on the people who make up downtown.

The Staunton Downtown Development Association and WQSV are producing a radio show called Staunton Stories.

“We’re not the only community that has an old train station or a Main Street, or sells tacos or candles you know,” said SDDA Executive Director Greg Beam. “It’s the people behind all of those businesses, behind all those logos and graphics and beautiful buildings.”

He says that’s what makes Staunton special. Staunton Stories is a way to get to know those people.

“Just hear about their stories and their backgrounds, and, you know, their strategies for staying afloat during the pandemic,” WQSV General Manager Ben Leonard said.

Beam hosts the show. “It’s just me talking with folks which I love to do,” he stated.

And, Leonard makes it polished and professional.

The questions run the gamut. Some are as simple as describing their business and what they do, while others dig deep.

“What is a particular smell that you associate with your childhood,” Leonard said.

“I see, you know, that individual go down this road of remembering that special time and then they describe it,” Beam stated.

On this day, Beam is interviewing Katie Spurlock, owner of H.L. Lang Jewelers. “She has a unique perspective on downtown, and purchased one of those businesses that has really survived and stood the test of time,” he said.

So next time someone heads downtown, they might be visiting more than just a store.

“And then it’s not just Lang’s because it’s Lang’s, it’s ‘I need to go see Katie,’” Beam stated.

Staunton Stories airs every Thursday at 6 P.M. on WQSV. But, you can still catch missed shows on

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