Augusta County teachers to get 5% raise, survey shows majority of students will return to class four days a week

Augusta County teachers to get 5% raise

AUGUSTA COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - Thursday night, the Augusta County School Board adopted its budget for next year. It includes an average 5% raise for all school employees.

Administrators also updated the board on a plan to bring students back for more in-person learning starting April 15.

Augusta Schools recently conducted a survey, and the results are in. Out of roughly 7,600 parents, more than 80% said their children will be back in the classroom four days a week.

Those results break down to about 13% of elementary students remaining virtual, 18% of middle schoolers, and 30% of high school students sticking with online learning.

About 180 students will be coming back to schools for the first time since the start of the school year.

Superintendent Dr. Eric Bond says the COVID-19 numbers are trending in the right direction to make this happen.

“Augusta County specifically, on the total number of new cases per 100,000 on the seven-day look-back, we are at 46.38 on this latest report, which is good news,” said Bond. “That puts us in the yellow, which again supports what we’re trying to do -- getting our students back four days a week.”

The School Board also passed a $116.8 million budget. In addition to an average 5% pay increase, it includes extra money for one-on-one technology, and for several programs -- music, art, choir, drama, and career and technical instruction.

The superintendent will submit the balanced budget to the Augusta County Board of Supervisors later in March.

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