Habitat for Humanity of Greater Charlottesville celebrates International Women Build Week

Updated: Mar. 13, 2021 at 10:36 PM EST
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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Tashae Anderson and her soon-to-be neighbor Jeronda Jackson spend their Saturday building on-site with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Charlottesville. Honoring International Women Builders week, they joined a female-led crew, something Samantha Anderson, their crew leader, says is somewhat rare in building and construction.

“It is male dominated, I’ve got a couple midweek crew that are females and having them on a regular basis is great. I get to know them really well personally and it’s just nice getting to have a bit of a change up sometimes,” Samantha Anderson said.

Anderson and Jackson didn’t help build just any home, though. They lent a helping hand in building their future home.

“Just being a part of something that’s going to belong to you is an amazing experience. I just love the fact that we’re able to help out, build something that we’re going to own one day,” Anderson said.

Jackson said what she learns while building on-site will be beneficial once the home is complete.

“Not only do you get to be on site to see what you’re going to have at the end result but you’re also going to learn things on the construction site, and if something breaks in your home down the road, you might have an idea how to fix it,” Jackson said.

After a long journey through Habitat’s home ownership program, not only will Jackson and Anderson have a place to call their own. Their children will, too.

“Not only do I have a wonderful neighbor, but we have a good school district, we have a park right here, it’s just a great area,” Jackson said.

“Many times before I felt like, ‘Just forget it. I’m tired, I’m done.’ But keep pushing. When you get to make it through and you see that end result, you’re going to be astonished. It’s worth it, it’s definitely worth it,” Anderson said.

Jackson said she’ll use what she learns from the program, and from building with crew leaders like Anderson, to help others build their special space.

“Even once I become a homeowner, I’d love to go out on site and help somebody else build their home and they get to succeed in what I succeed in,” Jackson said.

Habitat for Humanity’s home ownership application is open through the end of this month.

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