VDH: All Virginians will be eligible for COVID-19 vaccine by May 1, if not earlier

VDH: All Virginians will be eligible for COVID-19 vaccine by May 1, if not earlier

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Virginia has the same expectation as President Biden: by May 1, everyone who wants a COVID-19 vaccine will be eligible to get one.

During a conference call, Dr. Danny Avula, Virginia’s vaccine coordinator, said not only will all Virginians be eligible by May 1, that date may even be sooner.

“As we look at the supply and the pace and the demand here in Virginia, we really think we will easily meet that May 1st marker and potentially even outpace it by a couple of weeks,” Avula said.

Before that happens though, Virginia still has to get through Phase 1B and then transition into 1C - the category for other essential workers. Avula outlined when that could happen.

“If you have multiple days where you drop below about 90% of your appointments going to 1B eligible, then that would be a good sign that maybe your community ready to open up to 1C,” he said.

Avula says in that hypothetical scenario, those 10% of appointments wouldn’t go to waste. Health districts would start calling pre-registered 1C patients.

He also says some of the confusion and frustration seen during the move from Phase 1A to 1B shouldn’t be there when Virginia moves to 1C.

“There’s so many more doses available and so many channels to receive vaccine through,” he said. “[It] means that we’re not going to have that really stark supply-demand mismatch that we had when we went from 1A to 1B,” he said.

Of course, saying everyone can get vaccinated by May 1 doesn’t mean everyone will. Avula set another timeline for that.

“We’ll move into that open eligibility before the end of April, and everyone who wants a vaccine should be able to be vaccinated by the end of May, at least with the first dose.”

Also from the call: another reminder to check that your pre-registration information on PrepMod is fully updated. Avula says VDH may be phasing out of PrepMod because of problems with the system. If, and when, it does, the pre-registration data will transfer over.

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