Louisa County Resource Council opens up ‘Community Closet’

Louisa County Resource Council opens up ‘Community Closet’

LOUISA, Va. (WVIR) - The last year has been hard for so many reasons, and very few organizations have seen need quite like those providing assistance.

For months during the pandemic, the Louisa County Resource Council has seen a huge rise in the number of people seeking food from its community pantry. Now there’s a new project, launching this month, designed to fill other needs.

“That’s what we are: The Louisa County Resource Council. I like to say we’re more than food,” said Lloyd Runette, the executive director of LCRC.

A quick glimpse of the new community closet shows it’s way more than food. The site is stocked with tons of donations: clothes, medical aids, and toys.

“The pandemic was unkind,” Runnette said. “We were closed for 13, almost 14 months. And here we are able to reopen in this wonderful new facility.”

It’s all about helping people, Runnette says, no matter if you’re an LCRC client or not.

“We do have extremely low-cost items, and in many cases, we give items away just depending on the particular situation, but we’re happy to help,” he said.

This week is just the soft launch. The grand opening is next week.

Runnette says: it’s already been a help. He tells a story of a mother whose children needed school clothes. She came to the community closet and he was able to help - for nearly no cost.

“People feel like when they get new clothes, they feel like a new person. And I just think that that’s important, self-esteem and those things are important for people,” he said.

LCRC is still taking donations of clothes, appliances, and other household items. Click here to see LCRC’s Facebook post with directions on who to contact if you want to assist.

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