Gov. Northam provides briefing on COVID-19 in Virginia

Gov. Northam provides briefing on COVID-19 in Virginia
Gov. Northam holding a news briefing in Richmond. (Source: VPM)

RICHMOND, Va. (WVIR) - Governor Ralph Northam held a briefing Tuesday, March 9, on matters related to the coronavirus in the commonwealth.

  • Gov. Northam says the future does look hopeful; cases continue to go down and vaccinations are going up. He says Virginia is averaging around 51,00 vaccinations being given each day.
  • Northam says a handful of community clinics will begin next week that will be vaccinating several hundred to several thousand people each day. He urges folks to fill out the preregistration information with the Virginia Department of Health’s Vaccinate Virginia website. He also reminded people to answer their phones, as staff will be calling people about their vaccination appointments.
  • According to Gov. Northam, Virginia is expecting around 188,000 first doses and 170,000 second doses next week.
  • The governor says getting students back to school is also a priority. Northam says roughly 40% of school staff across Virginia are fully vaccinated, while around 60% have gotten at least one dose. All school divisions have also submitted plans for in-class options for students.
  • When asked about Virginia’s restrictions on gatherings for weddings, Gov. Northam says the nature of those ceremonies allow COVID-19 to easily spread and if case trends continue to improve, then those restrictions will be eased.
  • When asked about maybe easing limits on visitations for nursing homes and long-term care facilities thanks to vaccination efforts, Dr. Norm Oliver points to high turnover of staff as one reason for maintaining current restrictions.
  • Dr. Oliver also says labs are looking into COVID-19 variants, and how widespread they could become in Virginia
  • In closing, Northam says Virginia is working toward herd immunity and there are ongoing trials looking into vaccinating children. The combination of vaccinations and following guidelines will help get the virus under control.

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