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Major league warm up

nbc29 weather at noon

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) -High pressure to our northwest is providing a steady northwest wind today. We can expect mostly sunny conditions for the remainder of the day. As the sun sets tonight, temperatures will tumble into the 20s. Overall the weekend will be sunny, and a few degrees below average. By next week, as high pressure drifts east, a southwest wind will move across the area. Temperatures will boost into the 60s and 70s. By the end of the week we could see a few showers. Have a great and safe weekend ?

Today: Mostly sunny & breezy, High: upper 40s

Tonight: “Cuddle Alert”, mostly clear & cold, Low: upper 20s

Saturday: Mostly sunny, High: low 50s...Low: mid 20s

Sunday: Mostly sunny, High: upper 40s...Low: mid 20s

Monday: Mostly sunny, High: mid 50s...Low: low 30s

Tuesday: Mostly sunny, High: mid 60s...Low: low 40s

Wednesday: Mostly sunny, High: upper 60s...Low: upper 40s

Thursday: Partly sunny, scattered showers, High: low 70s...Low: low 50s

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