ACPS shares details on proposed minimum wage hike, teacher salary increases

ACPS shares details on proposed minimum wage hike, teacher salary increases
Educators at Murray Community Charter School in Albemarle County share lessons learned from the first half of the 2020-21 school year.

ALBEMARLE Co., Va. (WVIR) - Albemarle County Public Schools is working toward raising the minimum wage for its employees and gave insight into what it may look like at a budget meeting with the school board on Thursday evening.

ACPS has wanted to move to a $15 hourly minimum wage for a while, but then the pandemic hit. Now it’s in the school’s budget proposal.

“These are employees whose positions are in the lower pay grades such as our custodians, our teaching assistants, and EDP assistants, for example,” said Dana Robb, a county human resources employee.

Those full-time employees will be bumped up to $15 an hour in a phased approach, but there’s an effort to avoid “leap-frogging” in pay scale. Robb gave an example.

“Employees that are making $10 an hour and $11 an hour are moved to $15. Employees who from $11.01 an hour to $12 an hour move to $15.10.”

That’s on top of a 2% pay increase for these “classified” employees. That would bring full-timers to at least $15.30 and part-timers to at least $14.57.

“We felt that this is the best strategy given the available funding to get to $15 first for the full-timers and then in a later phase, hopefully not too far in the distant future, move the part-timers to $15 an hour,” Robb said.

This comes as the school shares a new proposal: raising teacher salaries by 5%.

“This increase would help us retain and recruit for our teaching positions. It also matches what both the city of Charlottesville and the state have thus far proposed,” said Director of Budget and Planning Maya Kumazawa.

The district also touched on its upcoming move to Stage 4 of in-person learning, unveiling that it’s preparing to audit the school’s implementation of mitigation strategies through school walk throughs.

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