Understanding post-COVID syndrome

(CNN) – COVID-19 has been a part of our lives for more than a year now, but we’re still learning about its long-term effects.

A new study suggests even in mild cases, some folks may feel symptoms months later. The condition is known as post-COVID syndrome.

“My symptoms are constantly evolving,” said Stephanie Condra. “I get the same symptoms again and again, and it’s like one will kind of disappear and then others will come up.”

A new research letter published in the journal Jama Network Open says 30% of the 177 COVID patients the group researched still had persistent symptoms up to nine months later.

The most common were fatigue and loss of smell or taste.

Dr. Dayna McCarthy works in Mount Sinai’s Center for Post-COVID Care in New York.

“We’re like rubber bands. We just want to kind of snap back to the way that we were before,” she said. “But if people are not able to do that, and they keep pushing, that is when the symptoms just do not get better.”

McCarthy said most of her patients are in their 20s to 50s – and with time and care – their symptoms recede.

“We are seeing patients get better,” she said. “It’s just glacially slow.”

McCarthy said much more research is needed to better understand post-COVID syndrome, who gets it and how to best treat it.

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