Rescheduling vaccination appointments through CVS causing frustration

Rescheduling vaccination appointments through CVS causing frustration

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Some people trying to reschedule their coronavirus vaccine appointments due to last week’s winter storm through CVS are hitting roadblocks.

“I felt it was like put your life in danger and get here if you’ve got an appointment and if you want to get shot,” Priscilla Scherrah said.

Scherrah had plans to drive from her home in Lake Monticello to Charlottesville’s CVS for her shot last weekend, but the winter weather and icy conditions changed that.

“I had an appointment and Saturday was not a good day for anybody to be out,” Scherrah said.

So, Scherrah says she picked up the phone and called the CVS on Friday to reschedule her shot. She says her conversation with the CVS employee was dissatisfying.

“He said you have to reschedule online and I said, ‘well I understand you have a waiting list. Can I be put on the waiting list?’ He said, ‘no, I have too many people on the waiting list and I’m not adding anyone else,’” Scherrah claimed. “I said that means I have to put my life in danger to get there possibly if the weather is bad and he goes, ‘if you want the shot, get yourself a hotel room tonight, and take a taxi in the morning to get here.’”

Scherrah went ahead and cancelled the appointment online because the roads were too icy, but soon realized she was back to where she had started.

“I got a confirmation that said, ‘your appointment has been cancelled and if you need to reschedule click here.’ When I did that it took me to the site for CVS where I signed up originally and you have to get back into the queue,” Scherrah said.

NBC29 reached out to CVS about how to reschedule a vaccine appointment and a spokesperson said, “If a patient notifies a pharmacy that they cannot make their scheduled vaccination appointment, on a case-by-case basis our team will work with them directly to try to reschedule them. If the local pharmacy team is unable to assist with rescheduling, patients are able to book new appointments using our online scheduling tool.”

CVS also said it did not cancel any clinics on Saturday, February 13. As for Scherrah, she says she’ll continue to wake up at 4:30 every morning to try and find another appointment.


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