How one car dealership deals with the winter weather

How one car dealership deals with the winter weather

ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - Car dealerships have a lot of cars to clear snow and ice from after a winter storm.

Sandy Fewell, the chief operating officer for Jim Price Automotive, says there isn’t much prep they do before a storm besides placing some of the vehicles in the service area to make room for the snow once they start plowing the lot.

After the precipitation has ended, he says the employees all start brushing off the vehicles with special soft rubber snow rakes used to not damage the rides.

“It makes for a trying time, but hey, were all used to it. So we are gonna do it, come back tomorrow and have a bigger day.” Fewell said.

Fewell says they will wait till the storm has ended Thursday to start brushing off all the automobiles and, with a lot of cooperation from all of the staff, they should have them all cleared off by mid-morning Friday.

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