Charlottesville florists and chocolatiers prepare for Valentine’s Day

Charlottesville florists and chocolatiers prepare for Valentine's Day

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - With Valentine’s Day just a few days away, Charlottesville businesses are working tirelessly to ensure everyone feels the love this year.

“It’s so hard, you would never know how much work and time and blood sweat and tears goes into it,” Co-Owner of Don’s Florist Natalie Palmer said. “It’s just so much preparation and being organized and being able to just get everything done and out on time.”

For Palmer, that preparation started back in 2020. “We started preparing right after Christmas, even ordering before Christmas,” she said. “We ordered about 5,000 red roses.”

Palmer says she has to bring in extra staff and work overtime to keep up with the flood of Valentine’s orders.

“On a normal, regular day we probably do about 20 to 60 (orders) a day, and on Valentine’s Day we’ll be well over 300 a day, so lots of extra hours and lots of extra hands,” she said.

The flower shop isn’t the only business in town that’s slammed. Gearhart’s Chocolates is seeing a big jump in online orders.

“Online is through the roof and up more than 100%,” Owner Tim Gearhart said.

He says he believes the busier, the better. “I always say that with chocolate, we’re in a happy business and that is a good place to be.”

Deliveries are playing a bigger role this year with COVID-19, so Gearhart’s wants its customers to order ASAP.

“This year is kind of a little funny...besides COVID, also some weather kind of iffy weather coming our way,” Gearhart said. “I think we’ll probably look to get as many boxes out on the early side and we’re probably going to be shipping all the way up til Thursday or Friday.”

Both shops say to get orders in on the early side to ensure it can arrive in time for the holiday. Gearhart’s and Don’s will be open on Valentine’s Day for those who wait until the last minute.

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