Sentara Martha Jefferson Monday: New nanoscope technology helps diagnose knee injuries

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Dr. Clark Baumbusch is a sports medicine physician at the Sentara Sports Medicine Center. He’s now using new technology to diagnose knee issues in real-time from his office.

“The nanoscope technology allows us to actually look inside a patient’s joint, specifically in most cases inside their knee, through a very minimally invasive technique,” said Dr. Baumbusch.

Nanoscope technology is like arthroscopy, where a camera is used to look inside and solve problems. However, the nanoscope is much smaller. While it doesn’t replace other imaging that may have to be done, it does offer doctors an immediate option for the right candidate.

“If someone comes in with a fresh knee injury, and they are unable to move their knee, you can use the nanoscope to figure out why that is,” said Dr. Baumbusch.

For patients, it’s a simple procedure. “You basically put a little numbing medicine on the skin, and the scope is a very fine wire on the inside of a small needle and you put that needle into the knee and then you can see,” said Dr. Baumbusch.

It also lets patients play a role in the process too, seeing what their doctor sees.

“You can get that information real-time, and patients can see that information on the monitor to see what you are seeing,” said Dr. Baumbusch.

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