Virginia dentists prepare to join vaccination effort

Virginia dentists prepare to join vaccination effort
(Source: Hawaii News Now)

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) - Virginia will need thousands of health professionals to vaccinate millions of people, and Vinton dentist Dr. Sarah Wilson says she’s ready to lend a hand.

“We’re used to giving injections every day, so it’s something that we’re certainly capable of doing,” Wilson told WDBJ7. “And we really want to help out, work with our health care partners and help get people protected.”

Emergency legislation advancing in the General Assembly will expand the pool of trained professionals who are available to deliver the COVID-19 vaccines.

The Virginia Dental Association represents about 4,000 dentists across the state, and the president, Dr. Frank Iuorno, says many of them will step up when the legislation is approved.

“We can’t all flood our primary care doctor’s front doors when the vaccine is available, so we’re going to need other allied health professionals to deliver the vaccine,” Iuorno said in an interview Monday. “Dentists are integral in their communities. They are trusted health care professionals and if it just offers another site for patients to go and get a vaccine, by all means, we’re ready and willing to do that.”

House Bill 2333 passed with amendments in the Virginia Senate Monday afternoon. The vote was unanimous.

Governor Northam could sign the bill this week.

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