Sentara Martha Jefferson Monday: Joint Preservation

Published: Jan. 24, 2021 at 6:57 PM EST
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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - As you age, it’s important to work to keep your joints healthy. Starting young with good habits is often helpful, but there’s always time to work to improve joint health, no matter what your age.

Doctors at the Sentara Sports Medicine Center say first up…maintain a healthy weight.

“We know that three times your body weight goes through your knees so losing a few extra pounds can really make a difference about how your knees and your hips feel,” said Dr. Matthew Panzarella, a sports medicine surgeon at the Sentara Sports Medicine Center.

Also, do strengthening exercises. “Strengthening around a damaged joint can help prevent pain as well as keep you from needing further surgery down the road,” noted Dr. Panzarella.

If you still have problems, there are some options that you can take instead of having a total joint replacement surgery.

“For people who are good candidates what we offer is a joint replacement with cadaver cartilage,” said Dr. Panzarella. “In these types of procedures we’re not using metal, but we can replace the cartilage in certain circumstances.”

The cutting edge technique can help people feel better, lower the chance of infection, and even potentially heal their joint for the long-term.

“You can potentially have a normal joint again,” said Dr. Panzarella.

For more information on this topic, or the Sentara Sports Medicine Center, please call 1-800-SENTARA.

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