Mega Millions prize soars to $750 million

Mega Millions prize soars to $750 million

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - There has not been a jackpot winner in the Mega Millions drawings since September of 2019 and now the grand prize is soaring again, increasing to $750 million.

“That’s 34 drawings without a jackpot winner. Now of course, there have been lots of other winners, lots of lower level winners including million dollar winners, but the jackpot is what people look at,” Virginia Lottery Spokesperson John Hagerty said.

The odds of winning the Mega Millions are steep.

“The odds of winning the jackpot and the Mega Millions are one in more than 302 million,” Hagerty stated. “To win the jackpot you need to match all six numbers, but it’s important to remember that if you didn’t match all six numbers you still might have won a prize.”

With the next Mega Millions drawing set for Friday, January 15 at 11p.m., Hagerty says it’s important to know what the proper steps are if you have the winning ticket.

“Before you scream and shout, sign the back of that ticket. That’s the most important thing. It legally establishes that ticket as belonging to you,” Hagerty said. “We encourage people to get financial assistance, get financial planning, and tax assistance from professionals because when we’re talking about this kind of money, the average person just is not equipped to do it by themselves.”

While it’s all fun and games, Hagerty says every Mega Million ticket purchased goes to a good cause.

“Every ticket that’s bought whether it wins or loses benefits K-12 education in Virginia. That’s why Virginia has a lottery,” Hagerty said.

You can watch Friday’s Mega Million drawing on the Virginia Lottery’s website.

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