Bank of America Student Leaders Internship Program is open

Bank of America Student Leaders Internship Program is open
Bank of America Student Leaders Internship Program. (Source: WVIR)

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Applications are open for Charlottesville-area high school juniors and seniors to apply for a paid internship offered by Bank of America to learn skills at a nonprofit.

This is the second year the Student Leaders internship through Bank of America will give teens a chance to learn how different sectors work together while interning at the United Way of Greater Charlottesville.

Two former interns say the internship program provides the opportunity to learn about real issues.

“Urban poverty and school-to-prison pipeline and how we can address issues on a local level,” Dominic Ruiz said.

“I’m working at a research lab, the teaching system lab at MIT, and I think the thing that most prepared me for it was the Bank of America internship,” Sydney Dell said.

It gives juniors and seniors hands-on experience in the community.

“We set up Day of Caring, and so although that involved cold calling, which might turn off some people, it was something I loved because I got to reach out to nonprofits in my area who I never heard of before and actually get a sense of what they’re doing and help them come up with a project to help the community,” Dell said.

“We were able to form connections with really important leaders in the community and we were able to hear some of the stories of the leaders who make Charlottesville such a great place,” Ruiz said.

Skills will not be the only takeaway, interns will also earn money.

“They will be paid for this internship, so it’s a great opportunity for young people who have a desire to be involved in the community and it gives them leadership skills. It gives us that opportunity to build that community pipeline,” Carolyn Rainey with Bank of America said.

An eight-week program that will help with lifetime goals.

“I want to go into neuroscience and I want to use stem cell research to cure diseases like ASL or autoimmune diseases,” Dell said.

“I want to be an urban planner with a public policy focus, and it’s my dream one day to run for City Council,” Ruiz said.

The application process closes on January 29, and you will need a letter of recommendation. You can click this link to apply.

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