Albemarle Co. students learning photography with help from professionals

Photography class capturing the moment, with help from the pros

ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (WVIR) - While learning in a mostly-virtual world, a photography class at Monticello High School is getting insights on how to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Learning that skill from home, though, does not come without challenges.

“From home it’s hard to come up with ways to be creative, especially when you’re stuck in your backyard,” student Josie Drumheller said.

Her instructor, Rob Garland, said no longer being able to teach the subject in-person is a struggle in itself.

“From a teaching aspect, we’re always thinking about, ‘Is it enough? Is it too much? What do our students feel like on the other side of the camera?’” Garland explained.

However, Garland said there are some benefits to learning photography virtually: students are able to gain helpful from professionals near and far, like National Geographic photographer Sam Abell.

“If I were in Rob’s photography class, if I were one of you, I would be photographing this moment. And what is this moment visually? It’s quarantining and face masks and social distancing,” Abell explained to the class.

Students are tasked with taking pictures of their environment, wherever they may be. Garland said that opportunity, thankfully, can lend to beautiful, creative work.

Photo by Adaire Burnsed, a student at MHS.
Photo by Adaire Burnsed, a student at MHS. (Source: Adaire Burnsed)

“There’s a beauty when photographers are in different locations and the variety of work changes drastically and comparing that to being in a school building and not being able to go outside every day, and when we can go outside, you can’t drift all over Charlottesville,” Garland said.

Photo by Reagan Weaver, an MHS student.
Photo by Reagan Weaver, an MHS student. (Source: Reagan Weaver)

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